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Monday, November 25, 2019

Dump Bios HP ELITEBOOK 840 G3

Dump Bios HP ELITEBOOK 840 G3

The Dump Bios HP ELITEBOOK 840 G3 is used for many purposes.

One of the main advantages of installing DUMP is that you can repair a dead computer.

If you have tried every way to make it perfect, but you have failed, you simply need to install new DUMPs on the EEPROM IC via a programmer.

Or, if the computer is password protected, simply reprogram the EEPROM IC.

After reprogramming the IC, your password will be unlocked.

On our site, you can download it without any obstacle.

All our DUMPs work 100%.

If your DUMP file is not on our list, just ask us.

We will update it as quickly as possible, taking into account your needs.

The link to download the DUMP is given below.

Compressed Archive (.rar)

File size: 7.4 Mo



  1. can i ask dump bios for Hp Probook 645 g2

  2. My 840 G3 has bios password protected. I don't know password but i need acces BIOS for updating from 1.16 version to last one. What can i do

  3. You must reprogram the EEPROM using a programming device. Do you have a programming device? Do you know how to program it?

  4. Does this file fit on 830 g5 as well ?

    is it possible to flash with a clamp while its soldered?

    Best regards

  5. This file will not work on your 830 g5.
    Tell me what's wrong with your 830 g5.

  6. Hello, is this file suitable for my HP 840 G3? or do I need to provide any other information?

  7. is that Dump work for any specific Hp elitebook 840 g3 or it can work on All hp elitebook 840 g3 ? Or you need any thing from my machine ?

  8. Or do you need my Motherboard model of Hp elitebook 840 g3 to provide me the correct one ?

  9. What's wrong with your computer?

    1. My Laptop has Bios password and also cannot boot from usb by pressing F9 as its also asking Password, I want to Install windows on it

  10. Use another computer to install Windows on the Hard disk

    1. Its UEFI boot and its only allow to boot from M.2 SSD, Anyways i will try some other stuff as well, please can you let me know if i give you my bios backup can you remove the password then ? And also i read on internet that some of the Hp elitebook have two bios EEPROM so in this case should i have to give you the BIOS backup for both chip ?

  11. can i get elitebook 840 g3 file.i have been programming a number of machine bt cant display