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Sunday, April 7, 2019

DUMP DVB Revolution up10 mini exc1506a-j-10

DUMP DVB Revolution up10 mini

The Dump DVB Revolution up10 mini exc1506a-j-10 is used for many purposes.

One of the main advantages of installing DUMP is that you can repair a dead DVB.

If you have tried every way to make it perfect, but you have failed, you simply need to install new DUMPs on the EEPROM IC via a programmer.

Or, if the DVB is password protected, simply reprogram the EEPROM IC.

After reprogramming the IC, your password will be unlocked.

On our site, you can download it without any obstacle.

All our DUMPs work 100%.

If your DUMP file is not on our list, just ask us.

We will update it as quickly as possible, taking into account your needs.

The link to download the DUMP is given below.

kind : Compressed Archive (.RAR)

Price : 1.70 USD

Note :
Please enter a valid email address so that we can send you the desired file.

If you have problems or do not receive the required file, send us an email at eeprombuy@gmail.com.